Garden of Exchange



Since we allowed the financial system to manage our money, we have lost control over its value and availability. In order to take back our power over money, we must now learn to manage it ourselves. The Garden for All Manner of Exchange is the ideal tool to regain our sovereignty over our own wealth.

The G.A.M.E is the easiest exchange system to organize because it is decentralized, private and self-managed. Of course, a usury-free system of local currency based on paper notes (Ithaca money, Time dollars...) can be created and managed by a small group of people. Others will prefer to organize centralized local exchange systems (LETS, Time banks...), in which each transaction is registered inside a central file controlled by a small committee.

Each way to proceed has advantages and disadvantages. However, printing paper money and working in a centralized structure is much more constraining . On the other hand, the G.A.M.E. is flexible, mobile and easy- to-implement. TheG.A.M.E. can be played within a couple or a family, between friends, in ecovillages, or any groups of three and more individuals who have decided to make fair fulfilling exchanges.

Why make it complicated when we can make it simple?


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