Garden of Exchange



The G.A.M.E., or Garden For All Manner of Exchange comes from the French word J.E.U., or Jardin d’Échange Universel (which means "game" and stands for Garden of Universal Exchange).

The G.A.M.E. is a type of self-managed computable money.

  • Self-Managed : Administered by the individual herself.
  • Computable : Numbered agreements are recorded inside an individual G.A.M.E. book.
  • Money : A written promissory note used for multilateral and deferred exchanges.

The G.A.M.E. is considered sovereign money because it falls strictly under the authority of the individual involved. It allows for a true exchange, which consists of giving something and getting something else in return for a fair value, and that fulfils my needs. Self-managed because it rests on the responsibility of each individual who plays the G.A.M.E. It is also universal, because the basic unit, the minute, represents a value that remains stable everywhere on the planet. Based on a partnership without center or structure, the G.A.M.E. favors both individual and community enrichment. It is money without borders!



  • Bartering is a system of exchange limited between 2 individuals (or within a closed-circuit group). The exchange is usually done or agreed the same day, and limited to the choice of goods and services that the two persons (or the group) offer at the time of the transaction. Let's take a simplified example to illustrate: if person X needs a hair cut from person Y, and X only offers pedicures/manucures. But if person Y doesn't really need a pedicure/manicure, she is stuck with that option.
  • The G.A.M.E. is a system that creates multilateral and deferred exchanges. In other words, it offers the possibility to receive a good or a service from one GAMEr and complete the exchange later with another GAMEr from the same group or another group, locally or elsewhere on the planet. This system eases the exchanges between individuals by offering more flexibility , especially in situations when a person doesn't need the product or service that the other person offers like in the example above.



 Daniel Fargeas, a French-born man, invented the G.A.M.E. in 1998 in South of France. The following year, it was brought to the Eastern Townships, in Quebec, Canada, where it has steadily spread in several provinces. Since then, it has expanded into several regions in France and worldwide.


In 2007, some Hungarians started to play the G.A.M.E., and called it the Suska (pronounce 'shuska'). Presently, groups in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, England, Australia, Mexico and the United States are using the G.A.M.E. in their respective countries.


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