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The counting unit for the Garden for All Manner of Exchange is called the G.A.M.E. point. It is based on time. One point corresponds to one minute of time spent by a human being to do some type of work. A minute is a universal value that remains the same from one country to the next and one year to the next.

1 G.A.M.E. point ()   = 1 minute

In the G.A.M.E., all exchanges are measured with the use of points. The accounting is managed individually and based on clarity, honesty, and transparency. But since we are not used to evaluate our products and services in time unit, to help us, we generally agree that 1 Dollar or 1 Euros or 1 Pound is approximately equivalent to 6 GAME points, regardless of currencies' fluctuations.

In the G.A.M.E., unlike many other exchange/bartering systems, we are free to give the value (number of points) of a product or service that we deem to be fair. I can offer 60 points per hour for weeding my garden but pay 360 points per hour to my car mechanic (special skills, experience, training, machinery...). Read more about this here...

Each GAMEr keeps her accounting up to date in a small booklet that replaces metal, paper or electronic currencies. This allows for an easy management of each exchange. In order for a G.A.M.E. transaction to take place, two GAMErs need to meet and make a deal. As soon as the agreement is made, the transaction is written in the other person’s G.A.M.E. book. A GAMEr never writes in her own book.



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